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China in Three Words2013

  • 3.6
Author Yu Hua is one of the only "honest writers to survive in China," Ian Johnson recently wrote. This makes him an inspiration. This short documentary takes its cue from an interview with Yu Hua about his book "China in Ten Words," focusing on words common in the Chinese vernacular: "Leader," "Revolution" and "Disparity." Each word is illustrated with a personal story and insightful, witty analysis of the breakneck social and economic change happening in China today.

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Member Reviews (3)

It only played about 25 seconds, then stopped. I am tired of Fandor's inablity to show a movie without interruption. At least short films should be able to play as intended. I might as well be watching commercial TV. I was once a good way to see independent and foreign films. Right now, it's become a drag and I may end my membership if it doesn't improve.

Wish it had been ten words instead of three, extremely good piece. Certainly going to check out Hope's other work.

Ch I Na