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Knuckleface Jones1999

  • 3.2
Hailed as being "wildly surrealist" by Jonathan Rosenbaum of the Chicago Reader and called "a work of demented brilliance" by Dave Nuttycombe of the DC City Paper. KNUCKLEFACE JONES won some big fans at the 2001 Slamdance Film Festival and made a lot of enemies elsewhere. It was partially funded by the Princess Grace Foundation, making it a true royal treat.

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Member Reviews (14)

top reviewer

It's the kind of thing you'd now see on Funny-or-Die type websites. Pretty funny stuff, tucked into a burrito of weirdness.

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what does it mean ? who knows...who's a strange way..

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Stupid--but that is just my opinion--I mean no harm. I mean, I have never made a movie so who am I to judge.

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top reviewer

If being white is the question, Knuckleface Jones is the answer.

top reviewer

The first film I ever saw from Todd Rohal remains as strange and surprisingly good some years later.


Wow - an early appearance by Piper Perabo in this one. A very unique, oddball story - I never knew what was coming next. I enjoyed the quirky creativity of this film and appreciate any movie like this that can create a riveting story while being able to go a bit creatively crazy. Nicely done.

Awful. Pointless.

Still a better, more fully realized love story than La La Land.

i dig it man!!

awful . . .

A Surrealistic view of the Republican Party? LOL!

Great little film. Man, when these short films are good, you sure wish they were longer. Or that there was a part two, or something.

it sucked