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also known as 沙尘暴

The Sand Storm2014

  • 3.3
Communications lines dissolve and a water smuggler navigates a tumultuous, dystopian city on the brink in this lyrical "low-fi sci-fi" tour through a future world, setting the stage for more to come. Made in China.

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For such a short film there was certainly a lot of fresh new approaches to science fiction cinema and interesting visual ideas. Left me wanting more and more and more.

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For such a short film there was certainly a lot of fresh new approaches to science fiction cinema and interesting visual ideas. Left me wanting more and more and more.

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A bit confusing. Stops abruptly.

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for a nine-minute film, this little vignette was fantastic! Beautiful cinematography and subtle depictions of post-apocalyptic China- my imagination is soaring.

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Clearly influenced by Bladerunner, The Sand Storm gives us melodrama mixed with resource shortages that overwhelm a city somewhere,sometime in the future.

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A solid short with a straightforward storytelling approach. An interesting waterless future filled with telling symbols of warning. Well done. Worth a view.

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quite good.

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Visually rich with a promising intro. The premise of an impending water shortage held out hope for a film with something to say but it ends abruptly with no warning.

Very interesting take on dystopia in China. Sated my appetite for cyberpunk. Hope they turn this into a feature length.

A bit of a nod to Ai Weiwei's role as a provocateur via social media documentation, it was also fun that he served as the vehicle of relief to a populace who, in this dystopian future, trade in water on a black market.

Well crafted.

Chinese views of a post acopalyptic world have got to be intriguing and this film doesn't disappoint. But it is inexplicably short, ending just when the story seems it would open out. I can only think this is a sophisticated promotional teaser for a more ambitious project. I hope there is more to come.

Nicely done... Just too short!

Visually interesting...story not so much



Terrific! Great locations and visuals. Nine minutes seemed like five.

Tacky, unimaginative, pretentious, poorly acted. Just playing the good-old "China card."

beautifully shot

nice short. cool story. very cool styling.

Absolutely stunning in all ways !!! KUDOS ... I wish you continued success. I will support you in any way possible. What a refreshing Film. Carry on. Tom S., in Santa Rosa, California.

You have to watch this film a couple of times, at least I did to really enjoy it. Marc

makes me miss china :-)

Nicely done.

Nice, beautifully shot.

Quite beautiful, mysterious. And because it's only 9 minutes long, gets away with being surreal and incomprehensible. But it ends abruptly, making me think it's a excerpt from a longer film.

... this was very interesting, I was sorry that it ended.